FvwmCommand fails with "Cannot find FvwmMFL socket None"

Hi all,

I spent several years being forced to use only other window managers,
and I am returning to Fvwm now… but I am not being able to make
FvwmCommand work. Hints, please?

I am on Debian 11 and I downloaded and compiled Fvwm3 from the git
repository yesterday. Here is a minimal working example - with a
~/.fvwm/config that is just 3 lines long - that shows the bug. If I
execute this in a terminal in a plain X session created with “xinit –

killall fvwm3
sudo ps ax | grep -i fvwm
ls -lAF /tmp/fvwm*
cat ~/.fvwm/config
fvwm3 &
sudo ps ax | grep -i fvwm
ls -lAF /tmp/fvwm*
FvwmCommand ‘CursorMove +5 +2’

I get this log:

$ killall fvwm3
fvwm3: no process found
$ sudo ps ax | grep -i fvwm
155512 pts/5 SN+ 0:00 grep -i fvwm
$ ls -lAF /tmp/fvwm*
ls: cannot access ‘/tmp/fvwm*’: No such file or directory
$ cat ~/.fvwm/config
DestroyFunc StartFunction
AddToFunc StartFunction

  • I Module FvwmMFL
    $ fvwm3 &
    $ loaded [0]: /home/edrx/.fvwm/config
    sudo ps ax | grep -i fvwm
    155516 pts/5 SN 0:00 fvwm3
    155517 pts/5 SN 0:00 /usr/local/libexec/fvwm3/1.0.5/FvwmMFL 7 4 none 0 8
    155519 pts/5 SN+ 0:00 grep -i fvwm
    $ ls -lAF /tmp/fvwm*
    srwxrwx— 1 edrx edrx 0 Jan 7 15:08 /tmp/fvwm_mfl.sock=
    $ FvwmCommand ‘CursorMove +5 +2’
    Cannot find FvwmMFL socket None.
    Please start FvwmMFL module from your fvwm configuration.

I ran the shell inside Emacs to be able to use the trick described in
these slides to send the commands one by one:


In that shell I have TERM=dumb and DISPLAY=:1.0.

Thanks in advance!
Eduardo Ochs
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