FvwmPager crashes

I have a problem with FvwmPager on Fvwm-Crystal and fvwm-2.5.31. Not all the recipes are affected. As example, the Amiga recipe is not affected. The only difference regarding this issue I can see is that FvwmPager is into a FvwmButton Panel with the Amiga recipe.

An example of the affected recipes is from the Corner recipe. The code is in the order of read by fvwm:

from components/styles/FVWM

[code]Style FvwmParts Sticky, NeverFocus, WindowListSkip, FixedPosition,
FixedSize, StaysOnBottom, NoHandles, BorderWidth 1, HandleWidth 1,
NoTitle, NoIcon, Colorset $[cs_panel_border],
BorderColorset $[cs_panel_border], HilightColorset $[cs_panel_border],
HilightBorderColorset $[cs_panel_border]

Style FvwmButtons UseStyle FvwmParts
Style FvwmPager UseStyle FvwmParts

from recipes(Corner

[code]SetEnv Desk_Pages_X “8”
SetEnv Desk_Pages_Y “1”
PipeRead ‘echo DesktopSize $[Desk_Pages_X]x$[Desk_Pages_Y]’

All (FvwmPager) Close
DestroyModuleConfig FvwmPager: *
PipeRead ‘echo FvwmPager: Geometry $((28$[Desk_Pages_X]))x24-+1+1’
*FvwmPager: Rows 1
*FvwmPager: MiniIcons
*FvwmPager: Font none
*FvwmPager: WindowBorderWidth 1
*FvwmPager: Window3DBorders
#*FvwmPager: NoSeparators
*FvwmPager: UseSkipList
*FvwmPager: Colorset * $[cs_panel_inactive]
*FvwmPager: HilightColorset * $[cs_panel_active]
*FvwmPager: WindowColorsets $[cs_panel_wininactive] $[cs_panel_winactive]

Module FvwmPager

Also, when FvwmPager is failing, I get the following error:

X Error of failed request: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter) Major opcode of failed request: 70 (X_PolyFillRectangle) Resource id in failed request: 0xc00012 Serial number of failed request: 169 Current serial number in output stream: 170
The last 3 numbers are different each time it crash.

I was actually hoping you would just email me a corefile, rather than now forcing me to monitor an email thread and here for information.

It’s a minor irritation.

I want a backtrace from a corefile.

– Thomas Adam