FvwmRearrange not working yet.

I’ve been trying to get FvwmRearrange to work, and have tryied to invoke it in different ways. But so far no success. Windows don’t move. No new fvwm processes show up in the background. No relevant error message in ~/.xsession-errors. I may be making a basic mistake, but its hard to tell what exactly…

My config has these lines to test out FvwmRearrange, amongst others…

Key R A 4 FvwmRearrange -cascade -resize 10 2 80 70

AddToFunc StartFunction

  • I Module FvwmRearrange[/code]
    So I ask ; is there a way to invoke FvwmRearrange that works better?

Fvwm-2.6.5 on Debian testing
My fvwm config - nothing polished here, but improving gradually.

It is finally working. FvwmRearrange needs the -u option to work on untitled windows. And since none of my windows have titlebars, the -u option is indeed necessary. So the problem is now solved :smiley: