FvwmThumbnail not creating icons automatically

I’ve got a problem with FvwmThumbnail: It doesn’t generate the thumbs automatically. If I’m doing it manually via something like

Key E A 4 ThisWindow SendToModule FvwmThumbnail Thumbnail $[w.id]

it works fine (icon is created and assigned to the window as miniicon). Here’s the relevant part of my config:

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmThumbnail: * *FvwmThumbnail: Debug 1 *FvwmThumbnail: Refresh 0 *FvwmThumbnail: Mode Auto *FvwmThumbnail: Directory /tmp *FvwmThumbnail: GenerateOn raise_window *FvwmThumbnail: DeleteOn destroy_window *FvwmThumbnail: Class Icons, ScaleTo 80x60 *FvwmThumbnail: Class Icons, Command "WindowId %w WindowStyle IconOverride, Icon %i"
Of course the module gets loaded properly on startup. I don’t get any errors in the debug messages, either.

Thanks in advance for any pointers on this!

Look at binding that SendToModule line to FvwmEvent that runs on the iconify event – search the forums. Plenty of examples on how to do that.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks, that did the job. But to me this seems to be a bit of a hack: Shouldn’t FvwmThumbnail be able to create icons automatically when the GenerateOn option is set appropriately?