Get a variable's data

Hi, how can i get what’s the value of a $[variable] in fvwm?

You answered your own question. :slight_smile: It depends what you want to do with the variable. If it has been declared in a parent shell (that the FVWM process inherits from), or you did something like:

SetEnv myvar some_value

… then doing:

Exec exec xmessage $[myvar]

… would allow you to access the data contained within it.

What is it you want to do, exactly?

– Thomas Adam

I wanted to see it but without touching the configuration files.

I’ve found that by using

FvwmCommand 'Echo $[variable]'

it gets writed in .xsession-errors

Thanks for answering anyway :wink:

I was using fvwm-crystal and wanted to copy the colorsets to mi own config, but i just found that they all point to variables like $[cs-panel-inactive] and didn’t know how to get it’s value :stuck_out_tongue:

Just copy the colorsets directly – it’s much easier.

Thomas Adam