Getting Icons to obey basestruts

I have a desire to make my thumbnail iconified windows obey a different set of base struts than the windows do. At the moment the windows are maximising and positioning themselves such that they do not obscure a panel on the left and a taskbar on the bottom of the screen. However, when I iconify (and incidently now thumbnail) the icon/thumbs do not obey the basestruts at all - ending up under the panel on the left. What I would like to do is define an area that the icons will arrange themselves in that is for example in from the left and in a single column down…

I have done a bit of searching on this and am reading lots of people’s configs and wading through the man pages but just thought I’d ask since it does seem to be a basic one.


You want to look at the IconBox style – it defines the area of the screen where to place icons. Then (along with it) you want to look at the IconFill command, which defines how the region defined by the IconBox style is to be filled with the icons. Then you might want to look at IconGrid. Here’s an example:

Style *   IconBox 1144x87+0+777, IconFill b l, IconGrid 3 3

That says, for the area if the screen (with that specific geometry), allow icons to go there. It’s fine for other windows to cover it up. That doesn’t matter. Then the IconFill tells FVWM to place the icons starting at the bottom, branching out from the left. The IconGrid command is in pixels, and denotes the gap between icons.

You might also find the following URL useful:

– Thomas Adam

Thank you Thomas :slight_smile: