GotoPage Automatic

How to switch to the PAGE which contain the focued window automatic when I use ALT+TAB to focus a window.

What do you mean? That’s implied by Focus/FlipFocus unless you use “NoWarp” as an option.

– Thomas Adam

NOT that mean.

I mean the FvwmPager, the function like GoToPage.

when I use ATL+TAB to focus a window, It can not GoToPage that contain the focused windows.

Sorry for My poor english.

So you probably mean WarpToWindow, although by default the WindowList function looks like this:

AddToFunc WindowListFunc
+ I Iconify off
+ I FlipFocus
+ I Raise
+ I WarpToWindow 5p 5p

So I fail to see what your problem is. Unless you’re not using that definition above?

– Thomas Adam


I add this to the WindowListFunc

  • I WarpToWindow 50 50

The problem has been solved.