Gradients for swallowed apps

My current FvwmButtons serving as a fluxbox-like taskbar/dock/clock…

The dock is a swallowed instance of trayer and the clock is simply xclock. Is there a way to get those to have the same gradient as the rest of the bar?

Here are the relavent configs:

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmBar: *
*FvwmBar: Colorset 5
*FvwmBar: Frame 0
*FvwmBar: Rows 1
*FvwmBar: Columns 52
*FvwmBar: Font $[MyFont]
*FvwmBar: (50x1, Swallow "FvwmIconMan" `Module FvwmIconMan FvwmIconMans`) 
*FvwmBar: (4x1, Swallow "panel" `Exec trayer --SetDockType false --widthtype request --heighttype pixel --height 24 --edge top --align left --transparent true --margin 0 --distance 0 --expand true --tint 0x333333 --alpha 0`) 
*FvwmBar: (8x1, Swallow "xclock" `Exec xclock -strftime "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" -font $[MyFont]`)
DestroyModuleConfig FvwmIconMans: *
*FvwmIconMans: ManagerGeometry 1x1
*FvwmIconMans: Font $[MyFont]
*FvwmIconMans: PlainColorset 4
*FvwmIconMans: FocusAndSelectColorset 5
*FvwmIconMans: FocusColorset 5
*FvwmIconMans: SelectColorset 5
*FvwmIconMans: TitleColorset 5
*FvwmIconMans: IconColorset 4
*FvwmIconMans: ButtonGeometry 120x24
*FvwmIconMans: FocusAndSelectButton flat
*FvwmIconMans: FocusButton flat
*FvwmIconMans: IconButton flat
*FvwmIconMans: PlainButton flat
*FvwmIconMans: SelectButton flat
*FvwmIconMans: Action Mouse 1 N sendcommand FlipFocus, sendcommand Raise
*FvwmIconMans: Action Mouse 2 N sendcommand Iconify toggle
*FvwmIconMans: Action Mouse 3 N sendcommand "Popup FvwmMenuWindowOps Rectangle +$left+$top 0 -50m"
*FvwmIconMans: Action Mouse 4 N sendcommand "GotoDesk -1 0 1"
*FvwmIconMans: Action Mouse 5 N sendcommand "GotoDesk 1 0 1"
*FvwmIconMans: ReliefThickness 4
*FvwmIconMans: Resolution Page
*FvwmIconMans: DrawIcons Always
*FvwmIconMans: FollowFocus True
*FvwmIconMans: UseWinList True
*FvwmIconMans: ShowOnlyIcons False
*FvwmIconMans: Format "%t"
*FvwmIconMans: Sort id
*FvwmIconMans: Title ''
*FvwmIconMans: DontShow icon=Untitled resource=Untitled title=FvwmButtonsBottom title=xbuffy title=xloadtime title=xlassie title="Desk 0" title=ncmpc 

I’m afraid not, unless those apps support gradients out of their own, which Trayer might do as it was written for Fvwm Crystal, the author lists all Trayers options somewhere else in this forum, I’m sure the search function will turn that up for you :slight_smile:

As for the xclock, it certainly doesn’t support this, you could however use an FvwmScript to create the clock, like this one I got from the web and modified for my own use:

[code]WindowTitle {FvwmApplet-DigitalClock}
WindowSize 115 15 # Taille
Font “Shadow=1 1 SE:xft:Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:style=Roman:size=9”

Set $MainColorset=(GetScriptArgument 1)
If $MainColorset <> {} Then
ChangeColorset 0 $MainColorset
ChangeColorset 1 $MainColorset
Set $tmp = (GetOutput {exec date “+%e %b, %R”} 1 -1)
ChangeTitle 1 $tmp

If (RemainderOfDiv (GetTime) 30)==0 Then
Set $tmp = (GetOutput {exec date “+%e %b, %R”} 1 -1)
ChangeTitle 1 $tmp

Widget 1
Position 0 0
Size 115 15
Type ItemDraw
Flags NoReliefString
Title {}
Case message of
SingleClic :

You could also move the Trayer right next to the bar, that would give a Windows like effect and would, imho look a tad cleaner than the way it is now :slight_smile:

PS, could you please not include images that wide in your posts? They mess up the forum layout and make it quite hard to read posts containing long lines… Just cut out the relevant part or link to them (providing a thumbnail if you so wish)

I love the clock script! Thanks. That was my first experience with FvwmScript… I’m already invisioning some other cool stuff. Is there a thread or site that features some fun FvwmScripts?

Still can’t get trayer to do gradients… is there another dock/tray that I might could get that to do that?