handles and borders

Pretty new to fvwm, been poking through the man page between trying to work…

I’m trying to understand the relationship between borders and handles. If I understand correctly, handles are just the things in the corners (grips?), and if the are present, then the border gets its style from the handles. Assuming that is correct:

  1. can you set a style for one side of the border, such as making the bottom border bigger or a different color?

  2. Is it possible for the handles to be a different color than the border? and different width?

  3. HiddenHandles doesn’t seem to be working for me, I have it as

 + BorderStyle HiddenHandles

in the Decor that I’m using. Is that not right? How to get rid of the line.

That’s if for now.

Kind of. They almost necessitate one another. Although unless specified, the border width will be the same as the handlewidth.

You can once I release the patch to do it. I’ve almost completed it now.

See above.

You need “NoInset” in there as well:

+ BorderStyle -- NoInset HiddenHandles

– Thomas Adam

I think you need it like:
BorderStyle – HiddenHandles

the “–” fixed the hiddenhandle thing, I can’t really tell a difference with NoInset. I’m looking forward to your patch :slight_smile:

You would tell the difference if you used:

+ BorderStyle simple

in your decor.

– Thomas Adam

That was me that wrote that patch. I’m not releasing at the present time.

– Thomas Adam

Did the patch allowing four borders to be different get merged? If so, how to enable the style? If not, are there alternative choices? Sorry, I am newbie and not familiar to the manual of FVWM (especially the section of Style, which is difficult to search for keywords).

Officially, no. But see:


That is, the ta/multiborder branch in git.

Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know the reason that the patch did not accepted by mainstream? Does it consume a lot memory or like?

  1. Because I haven’t cleaned the code up.
  2. It breaks UseBorder Style
  3. There’s too many Pixmaps used (Graphics Contexts)

– Thomas