hiding buttons

Is it possible to insert hiding buttons into “start panel” in fvwm and how to do that??

sorry for my English, thanks for reply :wink:

Do you mean can you have a panelised button inside a FvwmButtons instance?

– Thomas Adam

in my fvwm it is called ‘task bar’. In other wm there was a possibility to hide it after clicking on the hiding buttons

Right – so what you’re asking for then is FvwmIconMan swallowed in FvwmButtons which is panelised (look up “Panelising” in “man fvwmbuttons”). Of course, you probably will still read that and not have a clue, so here’s an idea for you:

DestroyModuleConfig Buttons-Slider: *
*Buttons-Slider: Back gray66
*Buttons-Slider: Rows 1
*Buttons-Slider: Frame 1
*Buttons-Slider: Padding 0 0
*Buttons-Slider: (Panel(NoBorder, Nohints, left, steps 15, delay 6, indicator 10) "FvwmBar" \
                  'Module FvwmButtons FvwmBar')

This sets up the paneliser. It’s set to swallow another FvwmButtons alias called “FvwmBar”, look:

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmBar: *
*FvwmBar: Frame 1
*FvwmBar: Padding 2 2
*FvwmBar: Rows 23
*FvwmBar: Columns 71
*FvwmBar: (71x23, Swallow "FvwmIconMans" `Module FvwmIconMan FvwmIconMans`)

– Thomas Adam

It works ( I don’t know why, but I don’t have manual pages for fvwmbuttons on my machine… nevermind ) . Thanks.

Have a nice day.

Of course it works.

Regarding your lack of documentation (stupid really, go look for stuff on fvwm.org), did you compile FVWM yourself? You probably don’t have docbook installed which is needed to generate the documentation.

– Thomas Adam

Now I can see what was wrong. There are no manual pages for ‘fvwmbuttons’ but there are for ‘FvwmButtons’ … I worked much too long with Wingdows9X…

I compiled Fvwm myself, but I had to add libstroke and Eterm to this (It is much better to see picture as a wallpaper than green screen, and to halt system with one simple gesture :] ). Probably there are many other libraries that can be added, but it isn’t necessary to compile them now.

No, this depends on whether mandb is configured to be case-insensitive when looking for man pages. Most Linux distros are, either you’re using something brain-dead or another UNIX variant. I don’t care really.

– Thomas Adam