Hint:KDE-Systrayicons with xystray

an old question…kde/qt-trayicons and fvwm…

O.K., if you like to run different kde-apps with trayicon under fvwm heres a way Ive tried out and it`s working well on my machine.

The short story about it:
Yesterday I`ve installes XGL on my second Linux-OS Frugalware. By the way I found this page:
ubuntuforums.org/showpost.ph … stcount=21
I thought that this patch could be a way realizing kdetrayicons with xystray.

So I`ve patched kdelibs-3.5.1 with the patch and installed kdeui on my LFS (I did not want to build the whole kdelibs). On my LFS I do not use XGL!

And yes, now all kdeapps with trayicon are running clean and stable here.

I do not know something about coding, I only like it to try out everything what seems to be interesting.
Be warned, here its working perfectly but I do not know whats going up on other machines.
Backup before trying out this patch!!!