How can thumbnails be partially transparent and have shadow?

hi everyone,
I have seen a lot of slapshots whose thumbnails were partially transparent and have shadow effects, they are so cool! However, when I tried to do this by defining colorsets with ‘sh’ and ‘transparet’ options. It seems that it fails to work.

Anyone can give me some instructions?

It might be that they are using Xorg composition with a modified transset that accepts window ids to achieve this… I can’t tell you any more about this though as it has been a long time since I last went down that road…

If there are other ways to achieve that result, then I haven’t got a clue…



Is this the iconified windows thumbnails? If so, I believe transparency for icons is controlled using IconAlpha.


Thanks for your reply. It seems that I missled you, I only want the iconfied window thumbnail to be transparent but not all the windows ( I guess that’s what you mean? ).
And Rob’s solution works:) , Thanks Rob!

What about the shadow? how can icons have shadow? It seems that ‘sh’ option doesn’t work here.

There is a modified version of transset around that allows you to make only certain windows translucent, no idea where to get it nowadays though… it’s actually the transparency that made me look into Xorg composition…

As for finding out how it’s done…I suppose the easiest way would be to dissect a configuration file from someon using that feature :slight_smile: