How do i get this?

ok, i’ll stop asking questions for the day (lol, maybe i post too much, but they keep occuring to me as i make my config).

the question now is: How do i get the broder effect around the dock bar as seen on this screenshot: … 8&m=screen

You see the bar with the terminal and gaim little icons? There is a tiny border around it (probably 1 pix wide and whitish). How do i get that? My dock bar gets kinda flat without it (the transparency alone isnt such a great effect), you can even look pass it and never know it was there.

So, my next Item on my TODO list is that border line around the bar…any1 can help me with that?

thx alot :smiley: :smiley:

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EDIT: I think i got it…sry for the useless question…
EDIT: yep, i did, close this topic if needed. Thx anyway

could you share your solution?

sure, here it is:

[code]# all white colorset (this defines the border color, if you change it to ll blue, for example, you get an all blue border
Colorset 0 fg white, bg white, hi white, sh white 100

RootTransparent defines the transparency, the tint options give it a more translucid look

Colorset 1 RootTransparent, Tint white 55, bgTint white 55

DestroyModuleConfig DockBar: *

Defines that the background colorset of the dockbar (or any FvwmButton for that matter) is Colorset 1. This is what makes it look transparent.

*DockBar: Colorset 1

The BorderWidth value is up to you…The BorderColorset inherits the colorset previously defined (in this case 0, all white). The rest, is also up to you : :smiley:

Style “DockBar” !Handles, !Title, BorderColorset 0, BorderWidth 1, HandleWidth 0, NeverFocus, Sticky, WindowListSkip[/code]

This is the way i made it happen, maybe there are some other which is better and simpler, but hei, thats the beauty of FVWM, millions of possibilities :laughing:


PS: you may know this (but some others may not) but the colorset value (the 0 and 1) is just a label to the colorset, the number can be changed to your like (could be Colorset 99 for example).

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Be aware though that if you create colorset 99 memory will also be reserved for colorset 0 through 98, thus creating a bigger memory inpact than necessary…

Almost. You mean 0 -> 99, since malloc() returns +1 the actual number of the highest colorset number.

– Thomas Adam

lol, you cant never know too much C :wink: