How to add emacs in root mode to the menu??

I have added emacs to my Root menu, but I would also like to add an emacs in root mode because I always have to open a shell and type: su root followed by my password.

This is the way that I have added regular emacs:

  • “&1. Emacs” Exec exec emacs

But how do I make a root version of this?

You could use a program called ‘sudo’.

I have made the follwoing:

  •       "&2.	Emacs (Root)"	Exec exec sudo emacs

I get the option in the menu but nothing happens if I chose it.

Because you have to configure sudo – in its default state, sudo will deliver a message and prompt for a password – something you won’t see in the manner you have set it to run from your menu.

While sudo is perhaps the better way to go, I’m going to suggest you don’t use it, in favour of using another program called ‘gksudo’ which will provide a graphical means of doing what you want.

– Thomas Adam