How to correctly check if an dockapp is running? (Solved)

Im refining my setup. I had till now some applets that I just started on StartFunction and killed in ExitFunction. That was to avoid having multiple instances of many of them around, since some of them did not die with the FvwmButtons where they were swallowed.

The problem wiht this is that it is a very ugly thing (all that involves using killall is an ugly thing) and as side effect, the applets on all the other possible sessions in all the rest of vts were also killed, which is not nice.

Im trying to do this:

*FvwmPanel: (64x64, Frame 1, Swallow 'wmpop' `None (wmpop) Exec wmpop &> /dev/null`)

But the damn wmpop keeps instanciating on each restart of the wm. Whats wrong with that code? Im sure that the window can be named by that string because I can swallow it using the same string, so that should not be the problem. Am I missing something obvious?

As an alternative solution I could just make a little bash script that reinstanciates wmpop when it diesand add it to StartFunction, and remove the Exec part of the FvwmButtons, but if it is possible I would like to keep this in a FvwmButtons context.

You might want to check out the different options for ‘swallow’ from mand FvwmButtons, for example (Swallow (UseOld) “SomeApp” Exec SomeApp)

Thanks, Swallow (NoClose, UseOld) did it. I think it is time to re-read the FvwmButtons man page, now that I have a clearer vision about fvwm :wink: