How to create a bar like engage or starterbar?

I use arsen’s fvwm config to get a starterbar like this : … 6&p=screen

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmDock: *
*FvwmDock: Rows 2
*FvwmDock: Frame 0
*FvwmDock: Columns 35
*FvwmDock: Colorset 30
*FvwmDock: ActiveColorset 31
*FvwmDock: (5x2, Icon dock/terminal.png, ActionOnPress, Action(Mouse 1) 'Exec exec $[fvwm_terminal]')
*FvwmDock: (5x2, Icon dock/firefox.png, ActionOnPress, Action(Mouse 1) `Exec mozilla`)
*FvwmDock: (5x2, Icon dock/mutt.png, ActionOnPress, Action(Mouse 1) `Exec exec $[fvwm_terminal] -e mutt`)
*FvwmDock: (5x2, Icon dock/xmms.png, ActionOnPress, Action(Mouse 1) `Exec beep-media-player`)
*FvwmDock: (5x2, Icon dock/xmule.png, ActionOnPress, Action(Mouse 1) `Exec exec rox`)
*FvwmDock: (5x2, Icon dock/quake.png, ActionOnPress, Action(Mouse 1) `Exec exec ~/bin/quake3`)
*FvwmDock: (5x2, Icon dock/gimp.png, ActionOnPress, Action(Mouse 1) `Exec gimp-2.0`)
*FvwmDock: (5x2, Icon dock/gqview.png, ActionOnPress, Action(Mouse 1) `Exec gqview`)
*FvwmDock: (5x2, Icon dock/tvtime.png, ActionOnPress, Action(Mouse 1) `Exec tvtime`)
*FvwmDock: (5x2, Icon dock/xpad.png, ActionOnPress, Action(Mouse 1) `Exec xpad`)
*FvwmDock: (5x2, Icon dock/fvwm.png, ActionOnPress, Action(Mouse 1) `Exec urxvt -g 159x50 -e vim -c ":set tw=200" ~/.fvwm/.fvwm2rc`)

DestroyFunc FvwmDock
AddToFunc FvwmDock
+ I All (FvwmDock) Close
+ I TestRc (False) None (FvwmDock) Module FvwmButtons FvwmDock

It’s work, but when clicking the icon, I hope there are some animate .
what should I do?

What kind of animation do you mean? I think the icons sink when you click on them. If you want to do something like the boucing in Mac OS X then I think I’ll have to tell you that’s not possible, at least not natively with fvwm. Engage can do that though. Some other taskbars might be able to provide that kinds of effects too.

There might be some effects you could script on it though, but I wouldn’t know how to start on that, but I do know they are somewhat limited seen from the point of the extreme eydcandy lover™…

How about this?
I will try this later. … ttons.html

Hi all!

I’m new to fvwm, and I’m trying to make a starterbar (i use one of the example at … ttons.html ) that starts the applications only if they are not started yet, otherwise it should raise the window application…

I changed “Exec exec” with a function found in a greek lug “ToggleApp”

DestroyFunc ToggleApp
AddToFunc ToggleApp

  • I All ($0) Raise
  • I TestRc (NoMatch) Exec exec $0

but it works only with gaim and xmms.
It doesn’t work with mozilla, mozilla -mail and Eterm (with a lot of arguments)

how can I solve this?
I think the wrong line is

  • I All ($0) Raise
    but I don’t know how to identify the right window…

thanks in advance

Wow! that is pretty impressive! Where ever did you find such a gem. I wonder if it consumes a lot of computer resources though. I know one of the complaints about some of the various starterbar/launcher thingys is that it consumes a lot.

Never the less, a good Fvwmer always needs eye-candy. Even if it is wasteful. :wink:

the problem is, that the name of the executable is not the name|resource|class of the window, so your match doesn’t work.
run “Module FvwmIdent” in FvwmConsole to identify the window and supply a second param to ToggleApp which matches the window name|resource|class.
they are searched in this order: resource, class, name
then test for All ($1) Raise otherwise Exec $0.
this should work

thanks! So I’ve got to preventively know the name/resource/class of the window…

another question: I would like to use arsen’s dock (it looks better for my goal) but if i change “Exec exec xyz” with “ToggleApp xyz” or “Function ToggleApp xyz” (with or without any type of quote) it doesn’t work… why??? :frowning:

thanks a lot!