How to make a window disappear?

I have come across this thread on “Hide/view any window in a “kuaky” way”. After trying the code, I have asked myself how to make a window disappear (in the sense that the window program is not visible but the program is loaded in memory).

One possibility could be to move the window to a page or desktop acting as a “limbo for windows”. Let’s say, for example, I am working on a document and I want two other windows (calculator and browser) to appear and disappear by pressing some key binddings (while the windows are in fact moved to the limbo space).

Are there other ways of doing this?


Is moving them off the screen possible? For instance, if you’re using 1024x768, have a command that places them at 3000x3000, or whatever, depending on window size, then returns them to the desktop when you want them again.

Other than moving it, or iconifying it without an icon, or shading it, no.

– Thomas Adam