How to open another fvwm from remote?

I try to run fvwm from a remote host with ssh.
I have configured “x forwarding” and other things. Now i can run a xterm in the remote host and can make many x apps run.
Unfortunately, when i typed "fvwm2& " in the xterm, it will report:
[fvwm][CatchRedirectError]: <> another WM is running

I guess the “another WM” is the fvwm session that runs on the local host.
Can I start two or more fvwm session both from local and remote?
Thx a lot for any suggestions. :frowning:

Use Xephyr or Xnest.

– Thomas Adam

Thank you, but the os of the remote is windows XP.
for some reasons, I do not like vnc. :frowning: