how to replace taskbar on 2.6.7

Dear all.
I want a taskbar on the desktop bottom, but the FvwmTaskbar have been removed in version 2.6.7. How to replace it?
Thank you very much.

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmTaskBar: * *FvwmTaskBar: Geometry +0-0 *FvwmTaskBar: Rows 1 *FvwmTaskBar: Colorset 11 *FvwmTaskBar: Action Click1 Iconify *FvwmTaskBar: Action Click2 Maximize *FvwmTaskBar: Action Click3 RaiseLower *FvwmTaskBar: Action Click4 Popup MenuFvwmWindowOps rectangle $widthx$height+$left+$top -2p -100m *FvwmTaskBar: Action Click5 Popup MenuFvwmWindowOps rectangle $widthx$height+$left+$top -2p -100m *FvwmTaskBar: AutoStick *FvwmTaskBar: AutoHide *FvwmTaskBar: AutoFocus *FvwmTaskBar: UseSkipList *FvwmTaskBar: DeskOnly #*FvwmTaskBar: PageOnly *FvwmTaskBar: ShowTips #*FvwmTaskBar: HighlightFocus,FollowMouseFocus *FvwmTaskBar: ShowTransients #*FvwmTaskBar: NoDefaultStartButton *FvwmTaskBar: StartMenu MenuFvwmRoot *FvwmTaskBar: StartCommand Raise-FvwmIconMan *FvwmTaskBar: StartName *FvwmTaskBar: StartIcon fvwm.xpm #buttons/feline-light.xpm *FvwmTaskBar: NoBrightFocus *FvwmTaskBar: 3DFvwm *FvwmTaskBar: BellVolume 100 *FvwmTaskBar: MailBox None #*FvwmTaskBar: MailCommand Exec gnome-terminal -e mutt #*FvwmTaskBar: MailCheck 600 *FvwmTaskBar: IconColorset 11 *FvwmTaskBar: FocusColorset 11 #*FvwmTaskBar: ClockFormat %a %b%d %R *FvwmTaskBar: WindowButtonsRightMargin 0 *FvwmTaskBar: WindowButtonsLeftMargin 0

Use FvwmButtons and FvwmIconMan to build your own.

Here is an example

Thank you.
But that example use FvwmTaskBar not FvwmButtons, even it said: Here is an example FvwmTaskBar panel created using FvwmButtons and FvwmIconMan.
If that code just copied, it don’t display the taskbar on bottom, but If FvwmTaskBar replaced with FvwmButtons, taskbar displayed.

You will have to adjust the dimensions to fit your screen. I’m just using FvwmTaskBar as an alias. You start the module with

Module FvwmButtons FvwmTaskBar

You can use any alias you want when configuring modules. If you want to call it FvwmButtons, do so.

Thank you very much, I see.