How to set fontsize for applications? [Solved]

hi, i’ve got a problem with setting the fontsize in some applications menus like firefox and scite. it looks like
i’ve read some hints in this board and played around with fontsettings like
size and pixelsize, but i haven’t found the part in fvwms config which is
related to the layout of the applications menu.
i would be very happy about some hints.
best regards

The size (or more correctly in this case: dpi) of application fonts is something the X Server is responsible for, so you can either change your X Server’s configuration or just run /usr/libexec/gnome-settings daemon if you want the settings from gnome to be applied, it’s ugly and it adds some slowness and maybe some quircks but it works…

thanks for your fast answer. because i haven’t got gnome-settings i’ve tried to create an .Xdefaults in my ~ with

Xft.dpi: 96

this worked fine and i don’t need to emerge any gnome stuff.
now it looks like

best regards