How to WarpToWindow from FvwmTaskBar ?

I’d like to have my window-select-from-taskbar to warp the pointer to the selected window, ala fvwm’s builtin WindowList function. I’ve tried this function:

[code]DestroyFunc MyWarp
AddToFunc MyWarp

  • I Iconify Off
  • I Focus
  • I Raise
  • I WarpToWindow 5p 5p

*FvwmTaskBar: Action Click3 MyWarp
but it will not warp the pointer.
Any suggestions? Thanks.

Of course it warps the pointer. Perhaps you want to be more clear about what it’s not doing that you’d prefer it did do.

– Thomas Adam

I want the selection from FvwmTaskBar to work the same as selection from WindowList (Fvwm’s builtin function), in that WindowList will Raise, Focus, and WarptoWindow upon selection from it’s list. MyWarp leaves the pointer at the same spot on the FvwmTaskBar after selecting a window from it. It does the same whether I use Click1, Click2, or Click3. I’m assuming that they are Left, Middle, and Right mouse buttons respectively.
Thanks, Skip

I had a previous Action associated with each Click. You were correct, Thomas: it does work!
Thanks, Skip