I want only focused windows to have handles

How do I set up this:

A window that has focus has also handles.
A window that is inactive (is not focused) doesn’t have any handles or borders (Style * !Borders).

I guess I have to use (Focused) condition but I have no Idea how to combine Style and (Focused). Or maybe they can’t be combined?

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You can use something like this:

DestroyModuleConfig FE-f: *
*FE-f: Cmd Function
*FE-f: focus_change runme 

DestroyFunc runme
AddToFunc   runme
+ I Current (Focused, !HasHandles) ThisWindow WindowStyle Handles, Borders
+ I Prev (HasHandles) WindowStyle !Handles, !Borders

– Thomas Adam

I’m still not able to get that working. The code you provided didn’t seem to do anything so I’m most likely missing something here.

What is FE-f? I replaced them with FvwmEvent but it still doesn’t work.

Do I need to define something else somewhere else?

EDIT: I works now!

There is one line missing starting the module.

Module FvwmEven FE-f

Yes – I didn’t put that in. I forgot. :slight_smile: Note that you have a typographical error in the above — you really mean FvwmEvent as opposed to FvwmEven – I don’t think FVWM is at odds just yet. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam