IconMan - How to limit resolution to specific page (not current)


is there a way to tell an IconMan module to show only icons for a specific page?
I.e. have a FvwmIconMan only covering Page 1, even If I am on Page 3?

I’d like to put a bunch of IconMan’s in my panel, one for each page, so it pulls double duty as a pager.

I am running FVWM3.

<Here is an example using tint2, with 2 workspaces, top of the screen.>

Any help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

To list items on a current page, you can use the WindowList.
WindowList (CurrentPage) Root c c

Thank you for your reply, I just don’t see how I might use this in the FvwmIconMan, or am I missing something :no_mouth: ?

If I understand correctly your request, to only show the items on a current page? Then, easier to use FvwmButtons. I am using two buttons… one to show the current page and another all pages. In the screenshot, the two buttons (CurW / AllW) are on the right side above the pager. Here below is the config.

Module FvwmButtons WinSwitchButtons

DestroyModuleConfig WinSwitchButtons: *
*WinSwitchButtons: Fore #ffffff
*WinSwitchButtons: Back #2b4e5e
*WinSwitchButtons: Geometry 100x30-0+150
*WinSwitchButtons: Frame 0
*WinSwitchButtons: Rows 1
*WinSwitchButtons: BoxSize smart
*WinSwitchButtons: Font "xft:Sans:size=10:antialias=True"
*WinSwitchButtons: Padding 2 2
*WinSwitchButtons: (1x1, Title CurW, Action(Mouse 1) WindowList (CurrentPage) Root c c )
*WinSwitchButtons: (1x1, Title AllW, Back #faa46e, Fore #000000, Action(Mouse 1) WindowList Root c c)

Style WinSwitchButtons !Borders, !Title, WindowListSkip, Sticky

In general try to give replies that answer the question at hand, neither of your replies seem to do that. WindowList is not FvwmIconMan, and the question was about specific page not current page.

Anyways, checking out the FvwmIconMan man page, I don’t see any option that makes this possible, the Resolution option seems to only allow page or !page, but not allow you to state a specific page to show. And the Show and DontShow options seem to only match patterns from the class/resource/title/icon and not the page either.

So this appears to be not possible at the time, but might be a nice feature request to extend the Resolution option to allow one to specify which screen/page/desk a manager shows vs just current or not current. Putting in a feature request at https://github.com/fvwmorg/fvwm3 might get someone to extend this feature (or add a new one).

Thank you both for your answers, I now opened a feature request:
455: Extend *FvwmIconMan:Resolution to include specific Desktop / Pager

All the best :)