ImagePath .ext option

If I use the /some/dir;.ext option then I cannot scale .svg icons.

For example:
ImagePath .fvwm/icons;.svg:+
Style xterm MiniIcon console.svg:24x24

Then when I alt+tab, I have very large images in the window list instead of the 24x24 icon because it’s not applying the scaling.

If I remove the ;.svg from the ImagePath, the icons are scaled correctly in the window list. Except then I don’t get the benefit of the .ext feature.

I thought the man page was pretty clear about how to use this feature, but I can’t seem to make it work. Is this just a limitation of the option? Or am I doing something wrong here?

Do you have the same file with different image types in the directory e.g. console.jpg/png/xcf ? Because the manpage said:

So, the first found file will be loaded. And if it is not a svg the scaling won’t work …


It was displaying the correct and only image of that name, it just wasn’t scaling it.

In one of my old configs I use svg, too. Try this]
Style xterm EWMHMiniIconOverride, Icon console.svg:24x24, MiniIcon console.svg:24x24

Essentially that is what I have. xterm doesn’t need the hint, Icon controls the icon on the desktop, AFAIK not the mini icon. So take those out and you have reproduced what I originally posted. That being said… tries anyway No effect.