Is it possible to create a loop function

I found a command in fvwm called Repeat,
Can I use it to construct a loop function?
How can I execute a fvwm command periodly, expect for using a shell script call the FvwmCommand?

Currently, doing things this way is probably you’re best bet. Or use FvwmPerl.

– Thomas Adam

I think, something like this should work:

[code]DestroyFunc LoopFunc
AddToFunc LoopFunc

  • I Schedule 1000 LoopFunc
  • I …

You can break the loop with “Deschedule” (man fvwm).

It works exactly as I want.
I use the code following to auto raise the icons and FvwmButtons.

EdgeCommand Right Next (FvwmButtons) TempRaise FvwmButtons
EdgeCommand Bottom All (Iconic) TempRaise Iconic

DestroyFunc TempRaise
AddToFunc TempRaise
+ I Raise
+ I Schedule 1000 LowerTemp $0

DestroyFunc LowerTemp
AddToFunc LowerTemp
+ I All ( HasPointer,$0)  Schedule 500 LowerTemp $0
+ I TestRc All ($0) Lower