Is there a way to customize the menu separators?

Hi guys!
Here is a snapshot of my current menu:

As you can see in the red box, the height of menu separators are 2px, the upper half is rendered using Shadow color, the lower half is rendered using Hilight color.
Is there a way to make the menu separators 1px high?
This is the desired result (Gimped from the image above):

I tried to set the Hilight/Shadow color to the Background color, so the separators look like 1px high, but then I lose the Hilight/Shadow border of the menu, which is even worse.
I’ve searched the manpage and this forum with no luck, is there anyone can help? Thanks a lot.

This is not possible at the moment.

– Thomas Adam

Sad news :frowning: , but thanks for the information :slight_smile: