libstroke for rhel7

I’m a longtime user of fvwm. However I am thinking of “upgrading” from Scientific Linux 6 to Scientific Linux 7, and have discovered that libstroke seems no longer available. What should I do? Is libstroke (and libstroke-devel) available anywhere?

Oh, and also: Scientific Linux (or RHEL) version 7 now uses Gnome 3. Will fvwm work with Gnome 3?

Regarding libstroke, you might want to look at its homepage:
RPMs are widely available according to a first search.
On Debian 7.8 I noticed no problems regarding FVWM and Gnome 3.

I did get a working libstroke (libstroke-devel) from epel/6 that worked for Scientific Linux 7.1.
The libstroke home page was not helpful, since libstroke no longer seems maintained; I could not get their ancient source code to compile.

FVWM seems to work under Gnome 3 on Scientific Linux 7.1, but the Gnome panels disappear with my config settings. Has anyone any suggestions for what to try? Should I pay attention to “Extended Window Manager Hints”? (My config settings work very well under the Gnome 2 of Scientific Linux 6.6.)

Thanks for any thoughts.