limiting application popup windows to the app's desktop

Hi all:

I know that I have read how to do this once, but after looking for the past 20 minutes, I am forced, yet again, to show my ignorance and ask for guidance:

I want any/all popups (modal windows) that might ‘popup’ in responce to an applcations error s to remain on the desktop upon which resides the application which ‘pops up’ the popup window.

e.g. Foo_a is on Desktop 4. And and all popups started by Foo_a will only be visible on desktop 4. If I am on desktop 1, those popups are not visible until I return (by choice) to Desktop 4… and so on.

I hate how, on ‘other’ GUI windows, some applications popups will gain focus regardless of what you are doing - and I need/want to avoid that here.


In X, we call these ‘transient’ windows, due to their short-lived nature, and modalness. The style you want is:

Style * StartsOnPageIncludesTransients

… which forces all transient windows to the same location as their parent window. Note that you might find this annoying, when an application stops responding to user input, because you’re unaware of a transient window open. :slight_smile:

Then you also want:

Style * GrabFocusTransientOff

– Thomas Adam