Lists of Windows....

Hi all:

I want to be able to simulate the WindowList functionality, to be able to ‘toggle’ between windows one right after the other, in an Alt+Tab type of way.

However, I want this list to only include 5 specific windows, in the order these windows were started.

is it possible to do this type of thing?

For example, could I give the style of CirculateSkip to these 5 windows, and then do a call like the following:

Style Foo_a CirculateSkip
Style Foo_b CirculateSkip
Style Foo_c CirculateSkip

AddToFunc Foo
+ I Next (CirculateSkip, !Iconic, !Sticky) FuncdoSomething....

If anyone knows, please let me know.

  • Jared

Slightly delayed – sorry about that.

Might be tricky – but assuming they all start on the same page, you might just be able to do:

WindowList (CurrentPage, CirculateHit)

Or various incantations thereof.

– Thomas Adam