Logout menu from gnome?

I like the way the logout menu works in gnome.

Is it possible to have an icon in fvwm or an entry in a menu that starts this menu?

i have this for my buttons - the last entry pops up a logout menu.

DestroyModuleConfig CenterButtons: *
*CenterButtons: Geometry 200x50+700-0
*CenterButtons: Pixmap none
*CenterButtons: Frame 0
*CenterButtons: Rows 1
*CenterButtons: Columns 5
*CenterButtons: Padding 0 0
*CenterButtons: (2x1 Frame 0 Icon file-manager.png, Action(Mouse 1) 'Exec exec nautilus --no-desktop --browser')
*CenterButtons: (2x1 Frame 0 Icon gnome-color-xterm2.png, Action(Mouse 1) 'Exec exec xterm -fg white -bg black')
*CenterButtons: (2x1 Frame 0 Icon firefox.png, Action(Mouse 1) 'Exec exec firefox')
*CenterButtons: (2x1 Frame 0 Icon thunderbird.png, Action(Mouse 1) 'Exec exec thunderbird')
*CenterButtons: (2x1 Frame 0 Icon logout.png, Action(Mouse 1) 'FvwmForm FvwmForm-QuitVerify')