main window titlebar and border - different versions of fvwm

Try and see if the style DecorateTransient does what you want.

I am using fvwm 2.5.18, and I think you want mozilla to have NoTitle.

I have identifyed Mozila with FvwmWindowOpsMenu, and its name is “Mozilla Firefox”. I have tried to give title to mozilla (as I have Mozilla without tilte).

This works:

Style "Mozilla Firefox"		Title

While this does not work:

Style "Mozilla"		Title


And here’s why you’re going to come unstuck using that approach:

– Thomas Adam

That’s a very good piece of information…!!!

Therefore, for firefox, the right approach (in my case) would be:

Style "Firefox-bin" Title

Although, because “Class” is more specific, it seems more logical that FVWM matched window’s style line like:

Class --> Title --> Resource

instead of the actual:

Title --> Class --> Resource


There is no actual order, other than that the last defined Style takes precedence over earlier defined styles. (Regardless if they match class, title or resource.)

That’s true in the case of multiple styles, but regardless, FVWM will match a string for a style by looking at it’s name, then if it can’t match that, the class, then finally, the resource.

– Thomas Adam

Not really.

The relevant code is

if (matchWildcards(SID_GET_NAME(s_id), fw->class.res_class) == 1) { return 1; } if (matchWildcards(SID_GET_NAME(s_id), fw->class.res_name) == 1) { return 1; } if (matchWildcards(SID_GET_NAME(s_id), fw-> == 1) { return 1; } if ( fw->style_name == NULL && matchWildcards(SID_GET_NAME(s_id), fw->style_name) == 1) { return 1; }
Which clearly shows that the order in which matching is done by fvwm is Class, Resource, Name, fvwmstyle X-resource. However the actual result is independent of the order since there is no way to tell that a style only should match one of these, so all styles will be tried against all the strings. (Unless you use the cvs-branch, in which case the order matters (i.e. breaks some compatibility).) And if it matches any of the strings the style is used. And that applies to all styles, i.e not only the first style matching a window is used, but all styles matching a window are applied in the order they were defined in the configuration file.

(And why isn’t this thread moved somewhere else yet?)

Because I have a life. Moved now.

– Thomas Adam