Make a new context for FvwmPager??

Is it possible to define a unique context for fvwmPager? I would like to move the fvwmPager when pressing mouse button 1 and then move the mouse.

I have tried:

Mouse 1 W A FuncFvwmMoveOrRaise

but that also applys to all other window that I have opened. Is it possible to make a new context ‘P’ which only covers the pager?

It is if you use something like this:

Mouse (FvwmPager) 1 W S Move

Note the use of a modifier (shift, in this example) so as not to interfere with the builtin mouse bindings FvwmPager defines to interact with its windows.

– Thomas Adam

is there no way to overwrite the builtin mouse bindings? I would like to move it without using any modifiers because I never use the more detailed functionality within the pager. I have tried:

Mouse (FvwmPager) 1 W Move

But nothing happens, it only work if I also specify the modifier:

Mouse (FvwmPager) 1 W S Move

You’re mising out the modifier entirely, which is why it doesn’t work. Hence, you want “A”:

Mouse (FvwmPager) 1 W A Move

– Thomas Adam

Thanks. Is it possible to change the buildtin mouse bindings?

It could be very nice if the whole pager was one context and the miniwindows was defined by another context.

That way I would move the pager when pressing mouse 1 as long as I did not point on a miniwindow.

It would be possible to move both the whole pager and the miniwindows by pressing mouse button 1 as long as you make sure to point at the correct miniwindow or the whole pager.

Current it isn’t possible.

However, you can emulate it slightly, I suppose. If your pager has borders and no title, or is perhaps swallowed inside an FvwmButtons instance which itself has borders, you can always do something like this instead:

Mouse (FvwmPager) 1 FS A Move

The restriction here of course is that you’d then only be able to move the specific window using the frames or sides of the window – something that’s not likely ideal for most people’s idea of having a pager without borders or title.

– Thomas Adam