Many many questions

Ok so I have installed fvwm, configured it to an almost useable form ( pager/keybindings/virtual desktops and all) , help me bring it moer to useable form, before I can really start playing with it :smiley:

Sry if there are too many questions

2. alt+tab : well i just want it more like kde/gnome
(!) Only one Alt+tab to switch between a window. Currently pressing alt+tab once doesn’t switches between the windows.
(ii)The mouse jumps to the Left-top-hand corner of a window after an alt+tab, fix? My alt+tab settings:

Key Tab A M WindowList (CurrentPage) Root c c  NoGeometry IconifiedAtEnd NoCurrentDeskTitle MaxLabelWidth 50

SOLVED Key Tab A M WindowList Root c c \ 41 CurrentDesk, NoGeometry, CurrentAtEnd, IconifiedAtEnd

  1. Mouse gestures: The button assigned for mouse gestures completely takes over that mouse button so it cannot be used for anything else, like rightclick or middleclick-to-paste get disabled when mouse gestures are enabled. Any solution?

  2. Flipback: In opera there is really god feature which works like this:
    Hold right_mouse button + Left click == Go back in HIstory (or any other command)
    Anything like this in fvwm?
    Basically I am looking for this gesture: mouse_button_down + some click/key.

  3. Pager: I just love the e16 pager, trying to make fvwm’s pager as similar as possible. This is how it works: a small pager window is given on-top status, then clicking its border reduces the pager to just a ‘line’ , Now clicking that ‘line’ again expands the pager!! - This is something that I really want :slight_smile:
    Plus it has lil preview on the desktops, and windows can be dragged ‘in’ the pager to another pages.

  4. Remember Window positions: As in which desktop/size/position they were. Haven’t searched much for this, but just give me a lil push here plz. - Solved - use the command “StartsOnPage” for specifying virtual desktop, and “geometry” to specific position

  5. Extension of 4th question , Is there any event/action/command like Ctrl_down? Possible usage: “Mouse 1 A Ctrl_down Move” so the move command owuld only world as long as ctrl is pressed

  6. Docking: I love super-configurable docked(hidden at screen edge) toolbars!! FVWM has given me renewed hope that this is possible in linux after all!
    Speificly what I want: dock any bar, say ‘winlist’ to the screenedge(so that’s it hidden from view). To reveal: Simply touch mouse at screenedge for a specified time. I just need just a lil push in the right direction here too. - solved - search in the faq for autohiding.

That’s all for now, though I am sure there were more on my mind…


You might want to have a look at this also have a look at FAQ #3.3

Use a function to call the stroke function and make it do different stuff on drag or click, or use a modifier like ‘control’ for strokes.

For your first question see the answer to §8.

For the previews you’ll have to search around a bit, it has been done before, in the worst case it’s buried somewhere deep down in the (huge) Gentoo Forums thread.

As to dragging windows around in the pager: that’s a default feature, just use the middle mouse button to do so.

You might want to search for session management, Thomas wrote a good article on this which is linked from my site (and the wiki iirc)

See FAQ #7.17.

Alt+tab works now, though the mouse still jumps to top-left-hand-corner. Dragging windows in pager works as well, though not as sweetly as e16 :slight_smile:

ok will try

sry, didn’t get that

Phew! this is what I was looking for! thanks
Edit: nope :frowning: session management seems something like save whole desktop state and restore on restart. I am looking to save the position of specific applications. say nedit, I just move it around to a desired place/page, specify in config that I want its position/page to be remembered, so that when I restart nedit its position is restored.

I don’t know which solution you’ve used but adding “NoWarp” to Focus or FlipFocus should remedy this behavior iirc,

FvwmPager is just another window so you can swallow it in FvwmButtons like any other window and/or autohide it as described in the FAQ :slight_smile:

This is the Wiki page you want to have a look at :slight_smile:

Woo hoo , now this works perfectly!
I’ll post the exact solution later!

Then you want:

Style foo StartsOnPage .... Exec exec nedit -geometry ....

Or StartsOnDesk. Depends which you mean.

– Thomas Adam

Not sure if it was mentioned, but you can middle click on windows in the pager and drag them to other pager windows… not sure about clicking on an existing window and moving it into the pager…

Perhaps a custom style or maybe an FvwmEvent setting that would place it where you want?

It was mentioned :wink: Dragging a window into the pager is not possible though.