Maximized window placement issues

Hello, everyone.

I’m pretty new to FVWM… only been using it for a couple of months, and the config files I’ve been using have been a tweaked theme from fvwm-themes.

Basically, I took the WindowsXP theme, changed the looks of the buttons and menubar, and it’s pretty close to what I want. I moved the FvwmButtons version of the menu bar to the top of the screen, so now my screen looks like this:

My (first of many questions) is this: When I maximize a window, the window covers the menubar at the top of the screen, but leaves a space at the bottom. How do I change this behaviour to leave the 30 pixel space at the top, and have the window go all the way to the bottom?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

I assume this “space” is only a few pixels, and I am also going to guess you’re seeing this when maximizing window such as terminal emulators? You want:

Style * ResizeHintOverride

In FVWM 2.5.X, you can use the EWMHBaseStruts command:

EWMHBaseStruts 0 0 30 0

That is to say: zero pixels from the left, zero from the right, leave 30 pixels from the top of the screen, and none from the bottom.

– Thomas Adam

Paster Ed - Your theme looks great. Especially the title bar. Can you post your config or a link to it?
Much appreciated,

Not here he cannot. In the correct forum: ‘‘screenshots and configs’’, yes.

– Thomas Adam

…they didn’t fix the issue I’m having. I decided to enclose a couple of screen shots of the behaviour I’m trying to describe.

See how there’s no space at the top of the screen? The app (when maximized) goes all the way to the top… but leaves a 30 pixel wide empty space at the bottom.

I KNOW this must be intentional behaviour, because the config file that I’m altering originally had the “start bar” at the bottom of the screen. There must be a setting for this somewhere, but I’ve no idea where to look: I’m using fvwm-themes, which splits the .fvwmrc file into a number of smaller files.

Consequently, I’m unsure as to what setting/command I need to be looking for to change.

I did try the two commands suggested here:Style * ResizeHintOverrideand EWMHBaseStruts 0 0 30 0While I very much appreciate these suggestions, they did not fix the problem. The behaviour was exactly the same after I’d inserted these commands into the config files, and restarted FVWM.

So… back to the drawing board? - and once again, thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it.

Post your entire config file, then. I suspect you have one or two things out of sequence.

Please use a pastebin though.

– Thomas Adam