menustyle for several menus

Hello, i don’t success to make different menustyle ! I have 2 themes and i would like have a different menu for each one.
Here it is a function that load one of my theme, as you can see i only change the colorset of the menu :

[code]DestroyFunc ChangeThemeVert
AddToFunc ChangeThemeVert

  • I Colorset 13 fg #393b3a, bg #b4d387, sh #393b3a, hi #393b3a
  • I MenuStyle * Font “Shadow=0 se:xft:Lucida Grande:size=8”
  • I UpdateStyles

    if i add some menustyle befor the UpdateStyles, it doesn’t work! Any ideas ?

Surely you mean ‘MenuColorset’ in this context, which you then apply to menus?

– Thomas Adam

No for exemple, if i want to change the ItemFormat, it doesn’t work.
I can change all style i want and then use UpdateStyles and it works but nothing for the menu.