MenuStyle question


I am new to FVWM. I downloaded someone’s config file and tweak it to learn FVWM. Looks like there is one statement in the config file does not work:

MenuStyle * menuface multiborder NW.png N.png NE.png E.png SE.png S.png SW.png W.png

Is the “multiborder” no longer active in FVWM 2.5? If so, what can I do to do something like the statement above using other commands?

Thank you very much,


As far as I’m aware there is no multiborder option in Fvwm, the user of the config you used as a base must have been running an Fvwm with unofficial patches.

Ok. Thanks a lot. But do you know a way to realize the similar performance like that, just use some user-added pictures to customize the look of the menu?

Thank you,


Not possible.

– Thomas Adam