MiniIcon over titlebar button

Is it possible to draw a miniIcon over the left (window ops) button?
here’s a screenshot of the titlebar and the code:


see below

It sure is. Although I’m not 100% sure if you get it working with something already under it.
AddButtonStyle 1 MiniIcon

I just love that crux look :slight_smile:

the previous reply is correct if you want to have an active up button, you should move it to Button 3.

Thanks, that does the trick. Is it possible to change the background color of a single button? I would like to turn it into that green color instead of the white/grey base color. :slight_smile:

the white/gray base color is coming from what you already have under the Button.

Do you have an TitleStyles defined? That might work a bit better for you to accomplish what you want. Basically, you get the Titlebar the way you want and then the Buttons are place on top.

Here is an example of an old theme I used:


The fvwm man page has information on how to define the TitleStyle and the options you have to customize

Hey I think I found it. I specified a ‘leftbuttons’ pixmap, and that worked. It looks like this:

The only problem I have left now, is the white space between the buttons and the title… anyone who knows a solution for this? Thanks.

Try defining LeftOfText and/or LeftMain and/or LeftEnd etc.
Can’t remember if the above are all correct; can’t access the manpage right now.

Thanks it’s all perfect now. :smiley:

The right one was “Leftmain” 8)

can i move the button 1 about some pixel right?

You might want to look at either the wiki and/or and/or