MiniWallpaper in the Pager

Before opening this post I’ve serched the forum without finding an answer…I would like to have my Pager showing ( in all the three pages of my only Desk ) a miniature of my Wallpaper…Some help? :smiley:

Thanks :wink:

*FvwmPager: Pixmap pixmap

Which uses pixmap as background for the pager.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks ThomasAdam!
I’m not sure I have understood the right way to get this layout :unamused: …I have added that line but the Pager is still the same…

Post your config, if you can. Essentially, it will probably look like this:

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmPager: *
*FvwmPager Pixmap mypixmap.png

Where the file “mypixmap.png” resides in one of the directories specified along with your ImagePath setting.

– Thomas Adam

I think you didn’t understand wel. You need to create a pixmap with your pager page dimmenssion and call it with The pixmap command. There is not command to simply display the wallpaper, you need to create your own pixmap.

Ok I have created a 75x65 Music_girl.png of My Wallpaper and I have put it in the ImagePath:

ImagePath ${HOME}/.fvwm/images:+

but this line doesn’t work:

*FvwmPager: Pixmap Music_girl.png

These are the lines containing FvwmPager code:




Config de escritorios

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmPager: *

Config de colores

Colorset 2 fg white, bg white, RootTransparent, Tint #cacaca 5
Colorset 3 fg black, bg white, RootTransparent, Tint #000000 5
Colorset 4 fg #cacaca, bg white, RootTransparent, Tint #000000 10
Colorset 5 fg black, bg white, RootTransparent, Tint #cacaca 20
Colorset 6 fg red, bg white, RootTransparent, Tint #778798 25

Misc config

*FvwmPager: Geometry 300x65-0-0
*FvwmPager: Icons
*FvwmPager: Colorset * 3
*FvwmPager: HilightColorset * 6
*FvwmPager: WindowColorsets 4 2
*FvwmPager: BalloonColorset * 5
*FvwmPager: Font none
*FvwmPager: SmallFont none
*FvwmPager: Balloons All
*FvwmPager: BalloonFont “Shadow=1 1 SE:xft:sans:bold:pixelsize=10:minspace=True”
*FvwmPager: BalloonYOffset +2
*FvwmPager: BalloonBorderWidth 1
*FvwmPager: UseSkipList
*FvwmPager: MoveThreshold 0
*FvwmPager: SolidSeparators
*FvwmPager: WindowBorderWidth 1
*FvwmPager: Pixmap Music_girl.xpm
DeskTopSize 4x1[/code]

and Pager Style:

Style FvwmPager NoTitle, Sticky, WindowListSkip, CirculateSkipIcon, CirculateSkip Style FvwmPager StaysOnBottom, NoHandles, BorderWidth 0


I’m using Fvwm as WM under KDE ( not for long I think :wink: )


i use wallpaper in pager (see ) and my config is :

[code]DestroyModuleConfig FvwmPager: *
*FvwmPager: Geometry 600x65+0+0
*FvwmPager: Colorset 0 7
*FvwmPager: HilightColorset 0 8
*FvwmPager: Colorset 1 9
*FvwmPager: HilightColorset 1 10
*FvwmPager: Colorset 2 11
*FvwmPager: HilightColorset 2 12
*FvwmPager: Colorset 3 13
*FvwmPager: HilightColorset 3 14
*FvwmPager: Rows 2
*FvwmPager: Columns 2
*FvwmPager: WindowColorsets 5 6
*FvwmPager: BalloonColorset * 0
*FvwmPager: Font none
*FvwmPager: SmallTTFont 5x8
*FvwmPager: UseSkipList
*FvwmPager: MoveThreshold 0
*FvwmPager: WindowLabelFormat “”
*FvwmPager: WindowBorderWidth 1
*FvwmPager: Window3DBorders
*FvwmPager: MiniIcons

  • I Module FvwmEventStyle FvwmPager NoTitle, !Handles, Borders, BorderWidth 1, BorderColorset 30, Sticky, WindowListSkip
    And the colorset :

[code]Colorset 7 Pixmap pager/desk0.png, fg white
Colorset 8 Pixmap pager/desk0-focus.png, fg white

Colorset 9 Pixmap pager/desk1.png, fg white
Colorset 10 Pixmap pager/desk1-focus.png, fg white

Colorset 11 Pixmap pager/desk2.png, fg white
Colorset 12 Pixmap pager/desk2-focus.png, fg white

Colorset 13 Pixmap pager/desk3.png, fg white
Colorset 14 Pixmap pager/desk3-focus.png, fg white[/code]

The link posted in the previous reply has an unintentional parenthesis in it. The working link is:

@ lucky

I don’t see much differences between your FvwmPager config and mine…except that yours works :frowning:
Maybe it has to do with my KDE+Fvwm solution…