Mouse gives focus and raises windows

I wanted to be able to raise windows and get focus by moving the mouse over the window (to avoid the click). If I have two overlapping windows, I am able to switch between them by moving the mouse. This is my style definition:

Style * FPGrabFocus, FPReleaseFocus, SloppyFocus, FPEnterToFocus, FPClickToFocus, MouseFocusClickRaises, FPGrabFocusTransient, FPReleaseFocusTransient

Nevertheless, I have issues with windows raising at unexpected times. For example, on page A I have a mozilla window totally covered by a konqueror window. If I move to page B and return back to page A, the mozilla window appears on top. I would expect that the mozilla window to stay under the konqueror window. Any clues?


This is what FvwmAuto does for you.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks a lot! I have changed my messy focus style definition by:

Module FvwmAuto 500 -mfocus