Mouse up

Is there any way to bind a function to the mouse going up on a title bar button? I’ve scoured the man page and searched these forums and haven’t found any info on it. I have a tendency to hit the close button and then decide while I have the mouse button down that I’ve changed my mind. :slight_smile:

Having the window close when the mouse goes up (and is still over the button) would be perfect. Any ideas?

Great site too!


Nope – although if it’s a case of holding the button, then:

+ H Nop

Might be useful.

– Thomas Adam

You’re probably using Mouse 0 1 A Close or perhaps Mouse 0 1 A CloseFunc that uses + I, just change it to use a function that acts on + C, i do this with my buttons and moving away from the button before I’ve released it cancels the action :slight_smile:

Awesome! That works exactly the way I wanted it to.

thanks a bunch,