Moving a window and see the content


I don’t know, for what i should search, when i want to change the behaviour of fvwm, moving a window with the mouse.

I take a window on the titlebar, and when i move this window, i only see a frame in the size of the window with 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. If the placement is finished, the window jumps to the new position.

Which command do i need, to see the content of the moving window?


I believe by default fvwm only draws a wireframe on root window when you move or resize a window, until you release the mouse button. This is indeed good for performance for resizing, because constantly updating window content when you resize a window is very costly. For moving windows it should be good for performance as well, although probably not as significantly. If you wish to change the behavior, you could look at the “OpaqueMoveSize” and “ResizeOpaque” section of the man page.

By the way, Fvwm grabs the X server when you move/resize a window using the traditional method, so if you have a compositor running, the geometry window may not be painted.

thx. this works.
i didn’t know for which words to search.

i want this only for moving not for resizing. because i know this problems.