moving task bar to 3rd (right) monitor

I have a 3 monitor setup. The right (3rd) monitor is my default. No matter what value I set for *FvwmTaskBarGeometry, it always defaults to the left monitor, either at the very top or very bottom of the screen. Is there a way to tell it to start at the top of the 3rd monitor?

Better still, is there a way to have a separate instance of it show up on each monitor?

Nope. Not without proper RandR support, which FVWM lacks.

I found a workable answer in the fvwm man pages: add @[screen #] to the end of geometry:

*FvwmTaskBar: Geometry +0+3@2

Trying it with other programs kicks out a “Bad style option” error message. But most of the programs are opening on the screen the taskbar is on, which is what I’m shooting for.