mutze's screenshot


as this is my first post I wanna say that I’m from germany, so don’t think anything about my bad english. Shool is long ago…
Anyway here’s my screenshot:

I like it simple!


Nice screen, can u tellme how is the name of the toolbar icons?

thx u

The toolbar icons are part of the gtk-theme Milky Smooth.


can you please post your config?


I will try to if you still want to have it. I will have to search for it.

Here is a new shot, but it’s work in progress:

Sorry, I lost the screenshot


sorry for my not so good english :blush:

What file browser are you using in your screen shots?

How did you change the icons for it?

It looks like rox-filer to me

How did you change the icons for

– Thomas Adam

– Thomas Adam

I found out that it was rox and did some digging. You can change the icons for it by changing them in ./icons folder (in the home dir)…i think.

Yes, it is rox-filer. The Menu-Icons are managed by the gtk-theme you are using. Here is the link to a how to:
For the MIME-icons there are two ways to control.

  1. You install an Iconset
  2. You do a rightclick on the MIME-Type you want to change and select change-symbol. Then you can choose any png, jpg or svg on your harddisk.



after some time, I wanna show you a new shot and config:

download config


nice. Simple and clean. As i like :slight_smile:

It’s only a quick shot without a config because there is much left to do.
planning to use something like and have to clean up the config a lot! :blush:

Sorry for my poor english…


Oh my god, I just love those decor! I can’t wait to get my hands on them! :smiley:

A sweet black config, yay!

Thanks but I have made some changes…
If you still want to have the black one send me a pm but it is only a change of some colors.

You can get the config here: fvwm_130906.tar.bz2
There aren’t much features in it. I only want to work with it. Nothing less, nothing more! :slight_smile: