My new theme - lucky

[color=green][size=150]Fvwm Milk Theme[/size][/color]

This theme needs some thing to work fine :
perl and libwww-perl (for gentoo) for the weather applet.
xmms-shell in order to control xmms.
imagemagick in order to get thumbnails in the pager.

The shadows you see aren’t part of Xorg, just pixmaps.
I use the GTK2 Milk 2.3 theme which looks fine i find.

My resolution is 1280x1024 but i’ve used (thanks to ThomasAdam) relative geometry so it works with 1024x768 (not less) and more but i have just test with 1024x768 & 1280x1024.

Download it here :
There are all the thing you need : wallpapers, icons, scripts etc… You just need to install the thing i’ve said up.

I think you Should give credits to !
Its his config after all !
too many pixmaps for me !!

But good choice, his site really rox !!

Yes of course, i’ve mentionned chwombat :slight_smile: Take a look at the first message when you run Fvwm with this theme, it is clearly mentionned.

I’ve just take his pixmaps which i have modify (shadow and clean).