My second fvwm : mac osx

I see, but if i haven"t any running or iconified applications, engage is empty :cry:


well , you probably have a problem with the eap files.
Look at this page

i’ve done a mistake : all eap files must be placed in ~/.e/e/applications/all
and in ~/.e/e/applications/engage you have to create a .order file ( with a dot ) and put in the name of the eap files.

Yes!!! Its work! Many many thanks!!! :slight_smile:

If you have Debian base distro, I can give u a script which will install it for you.



Does anyone have a working link to this config? The one at the top of the page is dead.

I do. PM me …
Unfortunately my sitesled webhosting is down. You have good webhosting for me ?

there’s a lot of config listed here viewtopic.php?t=1700