n00b starting config from scratch to crystal like

Hi people!

After years of misleaded by other WMs I am finally back to fvwm :smiley:
I used it int the middle of the nineties making my first steps in linux. Damn, I don’t have a screenie remembering me to these old days. Sadly I used many other windowmanagers meantime so my knowledge in fvwm became rusty.

Well, fvwm-crystal looks very impressive and to start getting used to the config I want to make my fvwm look some sort of that, all this transparent stuff and such. Is there a brief guide how to make the window decorations looking this way? I found other brief guides but none delaing with this.

I don’t wan’t to install fvwm-crystal and modify it, I wan’t to learn more to not give away fvwm’s flexibility to adapt my concerns.

Regards, Konsti

The fvwm wiki is good in that regard. There’s a link to tutorials and guides off the main page displayed. Note that you don’t say which guides you’ve read, which makes help suggesting things like this a problem.

– Thomas Adam

Is it working for you? I get an

Proxy Error
The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.

The proxy server could not handle the request GET /.

Reason: Could not connect to remote machine: Connection refused

Apache/1.3.33 Server at www.fvwmwiki.org Port 80

for many days now…

Well, I was fuzzy about the guides I read. I followed one explaining the pager and a simple buttonbar. The rest I picked up by other config snippets and such…

Recently I tried to get the deco transparent. But only the pager is transparent now :slight_smile:
That was when I showed up here to get some advise in especially how to do this transparency decor stuff and understand it. The other things I will cope with I suppose.

Seems like there’s something wrong with the wiki, again unfortunately :frowning:

To make things transparent you just have to assign a transparent Colorset to it, check the FvwmTheme manpage for more info on that.

If you need more info than this just ask :slight_smile:


Define color sets

Colorset 0 DGradient 128 2 grey50 5 grey95 5 grey50, fgsh grey75
Colorset 1 fg grey85, bg grey40
#Colorset 2 fg white, bg #264A60, fgsh black
Colorset 2 fg white, bg firebrick, fgsh black, RootTransparent Buffer, tint firebrick 50

Style * BorderWidth 0, HandleWidth 3
Style * Colorset 1, HilightColorset 2
Style * MWMFunctions, MWMDecor, HintOverride, NoPPosition
Style * SloppyFocus, TileCascadePlacement
Style * MinOverlapPercentPlacement
Style * MinOverlapPercentPlacementPenalties 2 5 1 2 0.5 50
Style * IconBox 0 -10 -280 -1
Style * IconFont “Shadow=3:xft:Arial:Bold:size=8:encodig=iso8859-15;” \
Style * Font “xft:Arial:size=8:encodig=iso8859-15;” \

Ok, I will look up the man page in deep. I did not get it yet why Colorset 2 wont give me transparent decors. Funny thing is I showed up posting here was that the pager stuff did get transparent :slight_smile:

You need decors for that.
This is what I use

BorderStyle  Colorset 2 --  HiddenHandles NoInset 
TitleStyle Colorset 2 -- flat   
ButtonStyle All (-- UseTitleStyle) \
	AllUp (-- flat) 

(or as a part of an AddToDecor construct together with the use decor style)

Ah… OK, I see. Now I have an Idea where or what to read on, thanks :slight_smile:
PS.: your snippet actually does some transparency setup

Whilst I agree with this (due to the flexibility decors brings), one thing that many people are unaware of is that you DON’T need decors at all to apply window-style attributes.

– Thomas Adam