need pager-101 help


FVWM version 2.4.19 on Linux, accessing through vnc.

I’d like to enable ‘pager’. Not sure what “.fvwm*” file(s) (or other) to put what commands in. But in the end, I’d like to be able to go to different pages (is that the same as ‘desktops’ ?) by clicking on an iconified desktop selection array (as I have seen others use). Need the basics on getting this to work. Also, how to implement/debug this without having to kill and restart the vnc session from scratch (if that’s possible).

Thanks for any help.

Huuuh … very very old FVWM version …

I’ll try it but without any garuantee of working … 2.4.19 is totally out of warranty :wink:

Ok, lets try to start. You add this to your ~/.fvwm/.fvwm2rc:


Set the desk top size in units of physical screen size


| | | | |


DeskTopSize 4x1[/code]You can set another count of pages like 3x3. FvwmPager creates the count of pages you want ^^



Style FvwmPager NoTitle, Sticky, WindowListSkip, StaysOnTop

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmPager: *
*FvwmPager: Back #908090
*FvwmPager: Fore #484048
*FvwmPager: Font none
*FvwmPager: Hilight #cab3ca
*FvwmPager: Geometry -1-1
*FvwmPager: SmallFont 5x8
*FvwmPager: Balloons All
*FvwmPager: BalloonBack Yellow
*FvwmPager: BalloonFore Black
*FvwmPager: BalloonFont lucidasanstypewriter-12
*FvwmPager: BalloonYOffset +2
*FvwmPager: BalloonBorderWidth 1
*FvwmPager: BalloonBorderColor Black[/code]This is the default pager shipped with FVWM. It is a copy of /usr/share/fvwm/ConfigFvwmPager. For more infos see if you want to change something 8)

Now you have to activate the pager. Search in your ~/.fvwm/.fvwm2rc for ‘StartFunction’ and add

+ I Module FvwmPager

Save all and restart FVWM. If this isn’t possible try it over a FvwmConsole. Here you type read .fvwm2rc and than Module FvwmPager The pager should appear.

Another possibility, if no ~/.fvwm exists, to create a config together with FVWM. Because FVWM has a setup to create a configuration from scratch. Within a FvwmConsole type FvwmForm FvwmForm-Setup

Hope this helps.

– Thomas –

PD: and sorry for the late reply.

I stuck “DeskTopSize 4x1” at the end of my .fvwm2rc file. And I uncommented “+ “I” Modue FvwmPager” in the .fvwm2rc-startup file (it was commented out). There’s a “Read .fvwm2rc-startup” in the .fvwm2rc file. Any FWIW, the .fvwm2rc is in my home Linux dir (not in a .fvwm subdir). Also, there was already a “DeskTopSize 4x1” in the .fvwm2rc-modules file (for which there is also a “Read .fvwm2rc-modules” in .fvwm2rc)

I don’t know how to start a fvwm console window, so I quit the vnc and restarted from scratch. No luck, at least there is no icon with a 4x1 desktop widget.

Please don’t apologize for a late reply. I’m grateful for the help, whenever it comes !

I’ve narrowed it down some.

My .xinitrc file calls fvwm2 with “-f themes-rc”. If I get rid of the “-f themes-rc”, I get the desker/pager. But I also lose other icons and menus that I need.

“fvwm2 -h” tells me that themes-rc is a config file. I found it in my home dir. Here it is…

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmResetInitFunctions
AddToFunc FuncFvwmResetInitFunctions

  • I DestroyFunc StartFunction
  • I DestroyFunc InitFunction
  • I DestroyFunc RestartFunction
  • I DestroyFunc SessionInitFunction
  • I DestroyFunc SessionRestartFunction
  • I AddToFunc StartFunction
  • I + I FuncFvwmLoadAllHooks

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmRestartFvwmTheme
AddToFunc FuncFvwmRestartFvwmTheme

  • I KillModule FvwmTheme
  • I DestroyModuleConfig FvwmTheme: *
  • I ModuleSynchronous FvwmTheme

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmShowVersionInfo
AddToFunc FuncFvwmShowVersionInfo

  • I FuncFvwmShowMessage “FVWM Version” “$v^nfvwm-themes 0.6.2 built on Apr 12 2005 at 15:40:17”

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmShowComponentInfo
AddToFunc FuncFvwmShowComponentInfo

  • I PipeRead /usr/intel/pkgs/fvwm2/2.4.19/bin/fvwm-themes-config --pipe --show-info --component $0


DestroyFunc FuncFvwmThemesConfigAndUpdate
AddToFunc FuncFvwmThemesConfigAndUpdate

  • I FvwmScript FvwmScript-NoteMessage “Theme switching”
  • I Wait FvwmScript-NoteMessage
  • I PipeRead /usr/intel/pkgs/fvwm2/2.4.19/bin/fvwm-themes-config $0 --pipe
    #+ I FuncFvwmResetInitFunctions
  • I Read themes-rc-3
  • I FuncFvwmStartAllHooks
  • I All (FvwmScript-NoteMessage) Delete

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmThemesCenterUpdate
AddToFunc FuncFvwmThemesCenterUpdate

  • I FvwmScript FvwmScript-NoteMessage “Theme switching”
  • I Wait FvwmScript-NoteMessage
    #+ I FuncFvwmResetInitFunctions
  • I Read themes-rc-3
  • I FuncFvwmStartAllHooks
  • I All (FvwmScript-NoteMessage) Delete

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmThemesReset
AddToFunc FuncFvwmThemesReset

  • I FuncFvwmThemesConfigAndUpdate --reset

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmThemesFresh
AddToFunc FuncFvwmThemesFresh

  • I FuncFvwmThemesConfigAndUpdate --fresh

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmThemesFreshUncached
AddToFunc FuncFvwmThemesFreshUncached

  • I FuncFvwmThemesConfigAndUpdate “–fresh --no-cfg-cache”

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmThemesSetMinimalReload
AddToFunc FuncFvwmThemesSetMinimalReload

  • I FuncFvwmThemesConfigAndUpdate “–set-minimal-reload=$0”

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmThemesLoad
AddToFunc FuncFvwmThemesLoad

  • I FuncFvwmThemesConfigAndUpdate “–load=$0”

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmThemesDrop
AddToFunc FuncFvwmThemesDrop

  • I FuncFvwmThemesConfigAndUpdate “–drop=$0”

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmThemesOption
AddToFunc FuncFvwmThemesOption

  • I FuncFvwmThemesConfigAndUpdate “–option=$0”

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmThemesVariant
AddToFunc FuncFvwmThemesVariant

  • I FuncFvwmThemesConfigAndUpdate “–variant=$0”

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmThemesSetLocked
AddToFunc FuncFvwmThemesSetLocked

  • I FuncFvwmThemesConfigAndUpdate “–set-locked=$0”


Some global functions, extending FVWM functionality

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmStopModule
AddToFunc FuncFvwmStopModule

  • I KillModule $0

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmStopModuleByAlias
AddToFunc FuncFvwmStopModuleByAlias

  • I KillModule $0 $1

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmRestartModule
AddToFunc FuncFvwmRestartModule

  • I FuncFvwmStopModule $0
  • I Module $0

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmRestartModuleByAlias
AddToFunc FuncFvwmRestartModuleByAlias

  • I FuncFvwmStopModuleByAlias $0 $1
  • I Module $0 $1 $2

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmRemoveAllButtons
AddToFunc FuncFvwmRemoveAllButtons

  • I Style “*” NoButton 1, NoButton 3, NoButton 5, NoButton 7, NoButton 9
  • I Style “*” NoButton 2, NoButton 4, NoButton 6, NoButton 8, NoButton 0
  • I TitleStyle Height 5

Read themes-rc-2

themes-rc-2 is a huge file filled with all kinds of stuff. I don’t even know what to look for in there.
But this is what I find when I grep for pager and desk…

hdci2438> egrep “pager|desk” themes-rc-2
Read “/nfs/site/home/dfgauthi/themes/default_Personal/modules/pager/none”

  • “Choose Pager” Popup “MenuFvwmTheme-current/modules-pager”
    DestroyMenu “MenuFvwmTheme-current/modules-pager”
    AddToMenu “MenuFvwmTheme-current/modules-pager”
  • “%menu/empty.xpm%&Desker” FuncFvwmThemesOption modules:pager=1
  • “%menu/choice-yes.xpm%None” FuncFvwmThemesOption modules:pager=2

Just before the ascii-art header of this monster is…

Auto-generated by fvwm-themes-config for (etc…)

Auto generated, by fvwm-themes-config ? What’s fvwm-themes-config?

If I comment out the call to this thing that I find in themes-rc, I get the pager (but not the other icons and stuff I need).

What a tangle of files !

It looks like you have Fvwm-Themes installed. It is based on FVWM but with the approach to configure FVWM with a graphical user interface and with different themes.

To get more knowledge about it, look in their FAQ.

Perhaps this fvwm-themes-start [ solved ] could help you, too.

Also check the Fvwm-themes forum here.

Sorry that I cannot give you more information, but I am not very familiar with Fvwm-Themes :confused: In the past I have installed it and played a little around but it is particially too complicated …

– Thomas –

Hi Thomas: Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I guess they have themes installed, and it’s use is the default (I work in a large corp).
But I have no problem, no problem at all, using/doing something else if I can get to what I want. Here’s what I’m looking for…

  1. Multiple “desktops”. Let’s say 2x4 (8 of them).
    a) A means to navigate between them by clocking on an icon that lists them. This should, of course, be available in all desktops.
    b) A way to label what’s in each desktop. E.g. “ProjA”, “ProjB”, “Personal”, etc… .
    c) No movement from one desktop to the other because the mouse was run past the boundary of the viewable screen. (char of “paging”?)

  2. In each desktop, a list of the different xterms and emacs sessions (windows) that are open.

  3. An icon to start an xterm.

  4. An icon to start a Konsole session

I would be happy with that.
The fvwm is running in vnc (I have several of these vnc sessions), all on top of Windows. So If I want to see the time of day, or use a calculator, or browse the web, I just go to windows.

Can this be achieved without themes ?

Hi davefg,

I’ve tested some older configs and two looks fine for a start. Perhaps it is not that what you’ve expected but most of your wishes are configured in these two configs (more or less :wink: ).

Ok, the first one is from Thomas Adam
And his config
It has a pager, a clean menu and some good comments. You’ve to copy the config to your home and name it ‘.fvwm2rc’

The other one is more complex and needs a bit more knowledge of FVWM to adapt it.
and config. This config wants to be placed under ~/.fvwm/ as ‘.fvwm2rc’.

To understand the configs I recommend the FVWM Beginners Guide from Jaimos F Skriletz and/or Thomas Adam his article Fvwm.

Sorry, that I don’t provide you a complete config but since FVWM 2.4.19 and now are miles …

– Thomas –