never focus info panel


I encounter minor focus problem in layout that I’ve created.

Most of the time I use maximized windows that do not overlap top screen info panel due to EwmhBaseStruts settings. And I want that these maximized windows never lose focus when mouse pointer occasionally enters area of info panel. So I’ve set the following focus policy:

Style * ClickToFocus, !FPEnterToFocus, !FPLeaveToUnfocus

And my info panel has the following style:

Style MyInfoPanel !Title, !Handles, !Borders, WindowListSkip, StickyAcrossDesks, NeverFocus

So when mouse pointer goes to info panel area windows react to keyboard events (keys pressing) but not to mouse events (e.g. mouse wheel scrolling that is of particular interest to me). So how can I keep mouse focus on maximized window similar to keyboard? I got used to that behavior under dwm window manager.