New Expo Function (+ binding problem)

Right – you mean $[x] and $[y] when expanded are always the same value for each window returned from All? I’ve already told you why in a post further up.

– Thomas Adam

i know what you mean. but i have another problem. don’t know why, but my test function nevet gets positive results (i was checking by Echo and it really should!)

+ I All (CurrentPage, !Iconic, !Sticky, !Shaded) PipeRead \
'[ $(($$$$[x] + $[WIDTH] + $[SPACE_X])) -gt $[SCREEN_X] ] && \
echo "SetEnv x $[START_X]" && \
echo "SetEnv y $(($$$$[y] + $[HEIGHT] + $[SPACE_Y]))"; \
echo "ResizeMoveMaximize $[WIDTH]p $[HEIGHT]p $$$$[x]p $$$$[y]p"; \
echo "SetEnv x $(($$$$[x] + $[WIDTH] + $[SPACE_X]))"'

so code: echo "SetEnv x $[START_X]" && \ echo "SetEnv y $(($$$$[y] + $[HEIGHT] + $[SPACE_Y]))"; \
is never happen :frowning: But it should.
I was trying with standard then/fi (works via directly in sh) but doesn’t work as well.

You’re way off-beam:

+ I All (CurrentPage, !Iconic, !Sticky, !Shaded) PipeRead '[ $(($[x] + $[WIDTH] + $[SPACE_X])) -gt $[SCREEN_X] ] && echo "SetEnv x $[START_X]" && echo "SetEnv y $(($[y] + $[HEIGHT] + $[SPACE_Y]))"'

Try that.

– Thomas Adam

My english is poor. i’ve checked in a dictionary and urban-dictionary. What does off-beam mean?

+ I All (CurrentPage, !Iconic, !Sticky, !Shaded) PipeRead \ '[ $(($[x] + $[WIDTH] + $[SPACE_X])) -gt $[SCREEN_X] ] && echo "SetEnv x $[START_X]" && echo "SetEnv y $(($[y] + $[HEIGHT] + $[SPACE_Y]))"; \ echo "ResizeMoveMaximize $[WIDTH]p $[HEIGHT]p $$$$[x]p $$$$[y]p"; \ echo "SetEnv x $(($$$$[x] + $[WIDTH] + $[SPACE_X]))"'
i use this way, doesn’t work. ok, yes, i know. that there are some problems with my brain.