New WM theme site...yes we have FVWM there

Hey guys as an avid fvwm and flux user me and some other people got together and started up a theme site for all those minimal box like wms out there…of course fvwm is in there :smiley: anyway if you guys are looking for somewhere to upload your configs or want to show a screenshot we got a gallery all setup with ratings/comments, a help forum anyway just thought I would let you guys know about it. We are still working on the site but gallery and forums are up atm…uploads are still being worked on but may be up by the time some of you read this…anyway heres the link


And remember the more people that contribute the better the community will be :smiley:

ok uploads are all set up so upload away :smiley:

How cool is this? I will have to take a look around.

Great idea! I always checked for screenshots, but they didn’t add the theme-config :frowning: nice site layout btw